Transparency of Angels

Whenever I scrutinize the latest work by Vlasis Tsotsonis I imagine him suspended somewhere between earth and sky, calling the angels down from the heavens to study them, to speak with them, to follow their movements in flight, and then bringing them down to earth, aesthetically appealing and beautiful in spirit, presaging in this way the wealth of iconographic themes which is to follow. In an article I wrote on Tsotsonis some time ago I referred to him as the 'painter of angels', stylistically somewhere between the Renaissance painter Fra Angelico and the 16th century Cretan artist, Angelos. But the restlessness of the artist does not confine itself to the usual variations on a theme - a natural phenomenon in an artist continually renewing himself. In the case of Tsotsonis, the variations in angelic forms have not only concentrated all the charm of the spirit, but use the new technical schemata invented by the artist to combine appearance and form, style and technique, expression and light, colour and ideas. And since we have touched on the world of ideas transmitted through art and the explorations of the artist, we must point out the new contribution made by the art of Tsotsonis to the contemporary world of expertise: using colour and light he brings to his audience - whether simple spectator or member of the faith, demanding critic or aesthete (i.e. a person of culture) - all the inner peace and serenity of the faith, spiritual joy and happiness, a consistent source of pleasure. These are the moments when through artistic creation man can move beyond himself, immersed in self-knowledge, achieving that spiritual transcendence which dignifies and validates man and society, gives meaning to the culture of the spirit.

- Professor of Art History and Archaeology Athanasios Paliouras